Sermons from November 2023

Sermons from November 2023

A Living Thanksgiving

Embark on a transformative exploration in ‘A Living Thanksgiving,’ where the narrative of the Ten Lepers unfolds, revealing the dynamics of gratitude. Investigate the reasons behind ingratitude and learn to overcome them by understanding God as the benevolent Giver. Delve into the profound impact of gratitude on relationships and be equipped to release entitlement, doubt, apathy, and pride. Join us on a journey of cultivating a perpetual attitude of thanksgiving that echoes God’s grace in our lives. I. Introduction II.…

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving: From Ritual to Relationship

In the Old Testament, God was approached through a system of sacrifices and offerings. However, amidst these rituals, God emphasized the importance of relationship over mere tradition. Join Pastor Joe as he unravels this timeless truth, revealing how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament system, elevating it to the highest meaning—the profound relationship between God and mankind. As believers, we are called not just to observe rituals but to embody a lifestyle of thanksgiving through worship, attitudes, and interactions with others. This episode extends an invitation to reflect on presenting God with a true Sacrifice of Thanksgiving. Tune in for a transformative exploration that goes beyond routine to embrace the essence of a genuine relationship with the Almighty.

Jesus the Master Storyteller

Who doesn’t love a good story? Join us as we consider the parables of Jesus and why the resonate so deeply with us. This thought-provoking sermon promises to reveal the depth and significance of your place in the greatest story of all, and the call to lead others to find their place in it as well.