Sermons from October 2023

Sermons from October 2023

You Can Always Come Home

In this podcast episode, guest speaker Debby Davis delves into the powerful message of the prodigal son, exploring the theme of returning to God’s open arms in times of need and brokenness. The sermon illustrates the Father’s unwavering love and grace, inviting listeners to accept God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Join us as we discuss the profound concept that, no matter how far we’ve strayed, we can always come home to the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father. Discover how God’s love and grace can heal and restore even the most broken parts of our lives.

From Joash to Jesus: Lessons in Faithfulness

Have you ever noticed how faith can sometimes start off as a passionate flame but gradually cool over time? Join Pastor Joe on this episode of the Acres of Hope podcast as he unravels the captivating story of King Joash, a young ruler who began his reign with fervor but saw his faith wane as he grew older. Picture yourself stepping into the shoes of a 7-year-old king, just like Joash did. This episode guides you through a brief overview of Joash’s life, marked by providential protection, early restoration efforts, and the influence of his mentor, Jehoiada. But, like many of us, Joash faced a pivotal turning point. As you listen, consider your own faith journey and how your enthusiasm may have shifted over time. Joash’s rise and fall hold profound lessons and lead us to a message about the ultimate King we all need—Jesus Christ, who can reignite the flames of faith in our hearts. Tune in for a reflective exploration of Joash’s story and its relevance to the ebb and flow of faith in your own life.

Forgiveness Triumphs over Judgment

Have you ever found yourself caught between judgment and compassion, torn between the letter of the law and the depth of mercy? In this thought-provoking podcast episode, we dive into a powerful passage from John 8, where Jesus encounters a woman caught in the act of adultery. The question he faces becomes the question we all must answer: How do we respond when faced with the mistakes and shortcomings of others? Join us as we explore the tension between judgment and grace, unraveling the profound message of redemption that unfolds in this timeless story. Prepare to be inspired and challenged as we journey through “Forgiveness Triumphs Over Judgment,” an episode that reveals the transformative power of mercy.