AI Evangelism – Day 4

AI Evangelism – Day 4

The Digital Challenge

Based on 9/24/23 sermon AI Evangelism: Using Today’s Technology to Proclaim Timeless Truth

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“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil…”

1 Peter 5:8 (NLT)


In our digitally interconnected world, we must exercise vigilance and discernment. Just as technology, including AI, can be a tool for spreading the Gospel, it can also serve as a platform for deception and manipulation. As we explore the digital realm, we must remain grounded in our faith and aware of the potential pitfalls that come with technology.

The Apostle Peter’s admonition to “stay alert” is particularly relevant in the digital age. The online world is replete with both opportunities and challenges. It is crucial to remain steadfast in our faith, recognizing and counteracting negative influences while using technology to share God’s love and truth.


  1. Have you ever experienced challenges to your faith or encountered negative influences online?
  2. How can you use your digital presence to counteract these negative influences and effectively share the Gospel?


Consider joining or actively participating in a faith-based online community or forum. Engage with others, share your experiences, and learn from the experiences of fellow believers.


Extend your love to someone who may be struggling with negative influences or challenges online. Offer your support, prayers, and guidance to help them navigate the digital world while staying true to their faith.


Heavenly Father, grant me discernment and wisdom in the digital realm. Help me recognize and counteract negative influences while using technology to spread Your love and truth. May I be a beacon of light in the digital world. Amen.