Church LibraryOur church library continues to grow!  Books, movies, music, and more are being added every week, offering a substantial resource for our church family.  If you have not already had the opportunity to do, please make time to make use of it soon.  The library is graciously hosted at the home of Deacon Joyce Barnett, and is the labor of love of Vi Cookman, who has spent countless hours organizing and cataloging this collection.

If you are unable to get to Joyce’s, but would like to peruse the library list, please visit our Church Library page.  From there, you’ll be able to scan through a spreadsheet of the current offerings.  Once you’ve found an item you’re interested in, you’ll be able to directly contact Joyce and request that she brings it to you at the next church service.

Much work and prayer has gone into building this library, and we hope that you will find it to be a fruitful resource in your spiritual walk!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Joe