Life is cyclical, ever changing, yet always the same. From the glorious promises of early Spring to the utter despair of a bitter and barren sub-zero midwinter, life is a journey of peaks and valleys, and all the middle roads in between.

Acres of Hope Christian Fellowship has been on this journey for nearly eight years now. We have seen the times change as well, ebbing and flowing like the ocean’s tide. There have been seasons of glory, and seasons of discouragement, and so many temporary stops in between the extremes.

These rhythms of life make me think of the greatest source of rhythm this side of Heaven – the human heart. At times it beats fast and hard, driven by emotion, and at times it beats slow and faint, resting from the busy-ness that all-too-often defines our human experience.

The important thing is that it keeps beating.

Our prayer as a church body is that our individual and corporate hearts would beat in synchronicity with the Master Rhythm Maker, the One who created us, called us, and commissioned us.

May we never fail to lose sight of the bigger picture, that we are following Jesus Christ, who set the pace for us as we journey ever forward as Christians and as a church body.

Just as we cannot measure success by metrics, we cannot measure failure in the same way, either. In this journey, it doesn’t matter the pace we move, how many people go with us, how often we stumble and fall, so much as it matters that we simply persevere.

There will be times when the multitudes will cheer us on, and other times when the only sound that rises to meet is is the sound of our ragged breath in the empty silence. Thankfully, most of the race we run is spent somewhere in between, where life is lived and companionship is never too far from reach.

The beat goes on, regardless of the season, and we press on toward the goal for which Jesus Christ called us.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Joe