StackofBooksAcres of Hope Church Library

Our church library is hosted at Deacon Joyce Barnett‘s home in Bradford, VT, and is available to visit on Wednesdays and by appointment.  We encourage you to drop by to borrow from the growing list of books, movies, music, and more!

However, you may also browse the library collection below, and submit a request for specific items.  Joyce will be happy to retrieve them, and to bring them to you at church on Sunday.

Special thanks to Joyce for hosting the library, to Vi Cookman for organizing and upkeeping the library, and to her husband Cal for cataloging it all in the spreadsheet below!

Please Note: Not all titles have been reviewed for doctrinal correctness.  A book’s inclusion in the church library does not necessarily mean we are endorsing it.  Please let us know if you encounter any books that are questionable in content.

Library List

Ready to Borrow?

Please complete the form below, or call Joyce at (802) 222-7490.